Thai Massage Portland: Your Best Options

21September 2020

Portland Thai massage is much different than what you might think a massage should be like. This is a very different type of massage where the practitioner uses their body against yours to stretch, pull on you, and rock you as you are on a mat where the massage takes place. You are fully clothed, so it is suggested that you wear loose clothing to be more comfortable as the massage takes place.

The main benefits of Thai Massage are the obvious ones: flexibility/range of motion, lowered stress levels, energy boosting, tension and headache relief, and circulatory stimulation. Many athletes utilize Thai Massage because of the increased promotion of flexibility and range of motion.

Stress levels are lowered after a Thai massage. The action of the massage is basically like a yoga workout, only you have someone working your body out with you. Thai massage is also referred to as Thai yoga. It combines healing techniques such as Ayurvedic and acupressure, and is considered assisted yoga. The focus of helping your body into its proper Sen lines or energy lines will help your body, mind and spirit to overall wellness.

The improved circulation is thought to aid with friction in your joint areas as well as increase your range of motion. Many athletes utilize Thai massage before workouts to warm up joints and muscles to help with reducing injuries. On the flip side many athletes in Portland swear by using Thai massage after workouts or games that their muscular tenderness is reduced.

The relaxation and massage workout give off the general feeling of physical and mental restoration. As with most Eastern massage philosophies, it focuses on the body’s energy in a spiritual way. Massage is seen as a spiritual healing process and Thai massage is no different. Sen refers to the channels energy flows through in your body. By correcting or enhancing the proper energy flow, you may experience a mental as well as physical change. It is believed strain or tightness in your muscles blocks your Sen, or energy flow, causing illness.

Although there may be soft spa music playing in the background and aroma therapy luring you into thinking this is going to be gentle and relaxing, your Thai massage will be quite vigorous. Your therapist will pull and twist you in directions you did not think possible. If you do feel pain, make sure to say something and a massage adjustment will be made. After your massage, you should rest and drink plenty of water. Most massages release toxins from your body and drinking water helps your body expel them naturally.

Be sure to inform your doctor you want to have a Thai massage. Some medical conditions are not ideal for this type of massage. Particularly if you have heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, any kind of condition or disease that affects your spinal cord, osteoporosis, pregnant, or recovering from a surgical procedure.

Thai massage may not be for everyone, but if you fall into the group that is able to, your body will enjoy increased flexibility and movement. Finding the best Thai massage Portland when you search “near me” may be just as easy as going online and doing a quick search and a list of local practitioners will come up. If you have any questions, feel free to ask when you call to make your appointment.


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