Swedish Massage in Portland Oregon: Benefits and Uses

20October 2020

Considering Swedish massage in Portland Oregon? Studies have been published in holistic journals investigating the positive effects of Swedish massage and the body’s immune and hormone reaction to it.  Stunning results have concluded that, with only one session, there have been definite and documentable results. The immune system produced biological measurable positive stimulation with just single treatment using the Swedish massage style techniques.

The benefits to the body, mind and spirit are countless, but face it: a massage just makes you feel great all over. The mood elevation and the overall relaxation when you get a massage is almost magical but it really is chemical reactions in your body responding to the stimulation and release of tension and stress through touch and massage.

Swedish Massage in Portland Oregon

The most common and popular type of massage in many places, including Portland perhaps, is the Swedish massage. It is typically used in salons, spas and hotels and is considered to be the relaxation type of massage. The technique starts usually an application of oils or lotions followed by long firm strokes to loosen your muscles for the next step. Circular movements focusing on muscle groupings follow to help release the stress and tension in your body. Next is kneading, vibration and tapping or chopping motions to stimulate the muscles.

Always make sure you are being treated by a certified licensed professional. The training for a massage therapist is very thorough and you want to make sure if someone is touching your back or any part of your body for a massage that they know what they are doing.

Techniques for Swedish Massage

First of all, lotion or oils are applied to your skin and the long strokes are used to warm up your muscles for the next steps of the massage.

Every time you get a Swedish massage it is different. Your body may be experiencing more stress on a particular day and react differently to the massage and the masseuse will make adjustments using different strokes to help reduce knots and tension in your muscles.

WebMD has identified five strokes that Swedish massage incorporates into their treatments.

  • Petrissage is the deep tissue stroke that utilizes kneading and pressure on the muscles to release the knots and break up inflammation.
  • Effleurage is the stroke that starts and finishes your massage. The long sweeping motions to warm your muscles and at the end of your session the long strokes to help calm your muscular work out and finalize your massage.
  • Percussion is the tap, tap, tap or the karate chop up and down your back, legs and shoulders, this stimulation aids in circulation and healing.
  • Stretching is when the therapist may manipulate your leg or arm to stretch out the larger muscles such as your shoulder blade, but muscle, thighs and quads.
  • Friction is the circular or short rubbing strokes used to help break up knots and loosen tight areas in your muscles.

Benefits of Swedish Massage 

Swedish massage is one of the most common and popular massage forms utilized. It is not only helpful for any problem areas you may be experiencing, but it also generates and overall sense wellbeing after your session is complete.

Physical benefits of Swedish massage:

  • Reduction of knots and tight areas in your muscles
  • Improvement of blood flow and circulation
  • Release of pain
  • Stimulation results in expulsion of lymphatic as well as metabolic waste out of the tissue
  • Mayo Clinic says certain conditions such as fibromyalgia, insomnia, headaches, anxiety, soft tissue injuries as well as digestive disorders can benefit from regular massages.

Mental benefits of Swedish massage:

  • Promotes relaxation
  • Stress reduction
  • Body’s increased immunity response
  • General overall emotional wellbeing response to massages

The daily experiences we have can lead to exhaustion, anxiety, depression, sleep issues and more. A Swedish massage can help you deal with these issues through the release of the physical stress and tension we hold in our bodies. Experiencing stress and muscular tension release can enable you to deal with stress and stressful situation a little easier and perhaps get a good night sleep. With your immune system boost from a massage, your body can heal and ward off infections or illness a little better.

Getting Started With Swedish Massage in Portland

Be sure that your massage therapist is licensed. Talk to your personal doctor and tell them you are interested in getting a massage. Inform your therapist of any medical conditions you may have.

Massage therapists work out of a spa, gym, hotels, or even at your chiropractor’s office. Some therapists do house calls and come to your home. They usually bring their table, sheets, music and anything else they feel necessary to have a successful session. Massage schools also offer discounted rates for massages as the students learn their trade.

Always make sure you are comfortable. You are allowed to ask for the lights or music to be lowered, temperature adjusted or anything else that will give you the best outcome. Any day would be a good day to call and make an appointment for a Swedish Massage in Portland Oregon.







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