Sports Massage Portland Oregon – Athletic Massage Benefits

11November 2020

Interested in sports massage Portland Oregon? Professional athletes along with their coaches swear that massages improve their overall muscular health as well as performance levels. For the regular person or weekend warrior, maybe you think it works for the pros — but will it be helpful for me?

Researchers have certified that the benefits of massage is an asset to professionals. But what it can do for non-professionals that could change their lives in terms of pain relief, stress reduction, boosted immunity responses and overall feelings of wellness?

Massage benefits for anyone working out are enormous. After reading this, you will be convinced to research sports massage therapists in your area and book an appointment soon!

Sports Massage Boosts Flexibility

Flexibility is the cornerstone of successful athletes. It enhances their longevity in terms of years they activity can participate in their chosen sport. Top tier athletes commit to regimens that increase their flexibility and motion range for their muscles and tendons to ultimately reduce sports injuries.

Athletes that train and participate at high levels of performance can incur injuries because of muscle tension. When that happens scarring on the muscles, tendons and ligaments can occur. This scarring can affect motion range and create a situation where additional injuries can happen.

Sports massage aids in the healing of scar tissue from a sprain or injury. Regular massages improve the circulation to the injured area and assists healing to occur.

Micro-Circulation is the Key When it Comes to Sports Massage

Recovery from an injury can be accelerated by promotion of circulation to the injured area. After workouts, muscle damage happens, so nourishing your muscles is important for recovery.

Improving the micro-perfusion of your blood to ensure the cells are getting enough oxygen as you work out helps you to have longer workouts. Better circulation aids in your cells in eliminating waste products, such as lactic acid, from your body. Portland Oregon sports massage stimulates your circulation to injured areas as well as all areas treated by your massage therapist.

Improving Pain Post-Workout

If you are engaging in vigorous workouts, you know the day after aches and pain that follow. DOM is what you are experiencing that stands for delayed onset of muscular soreness. It’s a natural body response of muscular damage that occurs after workouts, when your cell structure in the affected areas accumulates waste products such as lactic acid. You have all heard no pain, no gain. Well, if you follow up your workouts with a sports massage the stimulation increases oxygen and cell regeneration to your body. This action decreases recovery time and pain in your muscles.

Decreased Tension With Sports Massage

Professional athletes have difficulty relaxing mentally and physically. Hypertonicity is the state of constant contraction which is common in athletes since their muscles never fully have the chance to recover. Working with a sports massage therapist increases muscular recovery and also promotes better mental clarity. Because of rigorous training regimens of professional athletes, it is important to have scheduled workout time as well as scheduled down time for physical and mental benefits to occur.

Prevention of Major Issues by Addressing Minor Issues

Small aches, pains and sprains need treatment and not be dismissed as a minor issue. A small sprain can leave your muscle in danger of a much larger event if not treated as soon as possible. How many times have you seen a sports figure limp off the field, only to return to play shortly after injury, then a larger injury happening later in the game?

Sports massage therapy given immediately or shortly thereafter can induce the circulation process that helps heal the affected area. This regeneration decreases the inflammation and allows for a quicker healing process.

Cortisol Reduction

Cortisol is our stress hormone. It is normal, but in high levels it can injure you mentally or physically. When you are really stressed, cortisol can affect your ability to handle any situation mentally very well. High levels of cortisol enter your muscles when you have an injury as a personal defense to the injury. Massage therapy reduces your cortisol levels because of the relaxed state it puts you in. In terms of a physical injury, sports massage therapy stimulates your circulation and that action aids in recovery time.


Aside from the workout benefits massage can give you, there are many more benefits not mentioned here. Attending a few Portland Oregon sports massage appointments each month will help with your workouts, sport participation, and overall wellness mentally and physically.

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