Reiki Portland: The Healing Energy Technique

16September 2020

Portland residents may wonder about Reiki, often is referred to as a healing method with “the laying of hands.” The Japanese developed this healing energy technique, which is considered to be an alternative health and spiritual heightening approach. Your Reiki therapist will lay their hands gently on or above the surface of your skin. It is said that a Reiki therapist can see your aura and colors surrounding areas of your body that need attention to bring your body into harmony.

The Reiki Session

The sessions last usually 20-90 minutes. Your first session the Reiki practitioner will ask about you, tell you about the Reiki process, and find out what you may expect from the treatment. At this time if you are having any particular issues or symptoms you can bring them up. Let your Reiki practitioner know if you have existing injuries as this may be important to the treatment.

Usually during the sessions you are fully clothed with a light sheet over you, so wearing loose clothing during your sessions is a good idea. Some practitioners utilize aromatherapy and soft music during your sessions. In addition they will probably ask that you refrain from talking during the session unless you are uncomfortable with something.

As they begin your treatment their hands move above or lightly your touch your body. You may feel heat sensations or tingling happening especially in areas of your body that you may be having physical difficulties in. It does sound strange, but people claim to see colors or have memory flashes occur while the treatment is going on. Whatever you see or feel during your Reiki treatment in Portland, it is important to let the process pass until the treatment is complete.

Reiki Treatments and Crystals

To enhance the healing process, crystals are often used to aid in the release of spiritual, emotional or mental blocks you may be experiencing. Rose quartz is one of the crystals used to assist in restoring harmony or trust issues you may be experiencing in a relationship. Topaz is another crystal that is used to promote forgiveness and truth, and is also known as the stone of good fortune and of love. There are many other crystals and each one has a healing property unto itself.

Documented Reiki Health Benefits

Relief of anxiety, fatigue and pain has been well documented. Cancer patients in a 2015, study reported greatly reduced pain and anxiety when utilizing Reiki with traditional cancer treatments. Another study in 2015, with women who had cesarean deliveries resulted in lower blood pressures and anxieties. Also the need for pain relief was greatly reduced.  Lower back pain and herniated disc patients in a 2017, study reported finding effective and quicker pain relief in comparison to physiotherapy for their condition.

Regularly scheduled Reiki sessions can aid in pain, depression, enhanced sleep patterns, and overall higher quality of life experience.

After a Reiki Session and Follow-Up

Surprisingly most people feel peaceful and calm, others feel energized. It is really important to drink lots of water. It helps with the feeling of tiredness or dehydration that may follow your treatment. Although Reiki practitioners are not required in most states to have a certification, it is recommended that you seek a trained and certified practitioner. Reiki in Portland may be what you need to help bring your life and spirit back into focus.

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