Prenatal Massage Portland

25September 2020

Wonder about prenatal massage in Portland? Massage during and after your pregnancy can help with stress, tension reduction, general anxiety, and also can help you manage the mood swings associated with hormone imbalances. Through the use of different physical therapy techniques researchers agree the assets of having prenatal massage include a long list of physical and mental benefits.

Swedish massage

One of the most widely used prenatal massage techniques because of its focus on stimulation of your circulatory system is the Swedish massage. Why is that important, you may ask? Because of the swelling you incur during pregnancy in your belly and legs affect your circulation as well as your skeletal alignment. Swedish massage’s best benefits are the improvement of muscular tension and improvement of your lymphatic as well as blood circulation throughout your body. Easing tension in your lower back is also an important goal of prenatal massages.

Regulating your Hormones

When massage therapy is done on a regular prenatal schedule studies have shown improved hormone levels relating directly to stress and tension drastically improved. Mood levels affected by cortisol, dopamine and serotonin while you are pregnant are increased with as little as five weekly prenatal massages. Some women experience depression during pregnancy due to lowered levels of these key vital hormones.

The stimulation of these hormones help to combat low birth weight as well other birthing issues that can occur. Treating expectant mothers with prenatal massages also can have many other benefits.

Swelling Reduction

Joint swelling (Edema), during pregnancy is very common and painful as any expectant mother will attest to. Massage encourages better circulation that helps your body eliminate fluids from your joints, legs and muscles.

Towards the end of your pregnancy term your pelvic wall, uterus and baby are constantly changing position putting pressure on your lower back, or sciatic nerve (tail bone). Regular massages help to reduce the swelling in these areas relieve the tension that is causes this incredible pain and discomfort.


Another common issue during your pregnancy may be headaches, especially during early stages of your pregnancy. Hormonal surges can be the blame for that but scalp and head massages can be very effective for headache relief during these early stages. Always check with your Doctor to make sure you are not experiencing any pregnancy issues such as high blood pressure or presentational diabetes causing your headaches.

Is Massage Safe During Pregnancy?

Some people believe your first trimester is not safe for massage because of increasing the blood flow and the effects on the developing fetus. Gentle massage techniques that a licensed prenatal massage therapist is trained for in during the first trimester are perfectly fine, and will help to keep your stress levels manageable. Your second trimester is fine for a Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist to work with you. It is important to only use a trained prenatal therapist. There are certain pressure points and areas that should not be massaged during pregnancy.

Always talk it over with your obstetrician or certified mid-wife before doing anything out of the ordinary during your pregnancy. After consulting with your health team you may decide that prenatal massage Portland should be a part of your pregnancy journey.


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