Portland Massage Helps Slow Aging and Increase Mental Awareness

8September 2020

Many people in Portland Oregon search for natural wellness as an alternative to treat medical conditions they are experiencing. Holistic medicine such as Ayurvedic massage in Portland Oregon takes the perspective of treating the entire person, not just the condition that may be ailing them at the moment.

A holistic medicine approach strives for restoring balance to the entire body utilizing different therapies for the individual to achieve the highest state of wellness and health possible. Ayurvedic medicine is a treatment therapy that is a part of the holistic family of remedies.

Ayurveda was developed about 5,000 years ago in India and is considered one of the oldest systems of holistic healing in practice today. Ayurvedic medicine focuses on balancing your mind, body and your spirit to bring about well-being and good health.  Ayurvedic massage therapy focuses on the spirit and good health that will lead to the body successfully repelling disease and ailments.

Included in the Ayurvedic healing system of medicine are massage, meditation, yoga, diet, herbal remedies, and detoxification. There are always disclaimers that holistic health remedies are not meant to replace traditional medicine, but following the holistic path may help you ease stress, slow the aging process, and also ease pain in your life.

Ayurvedic medicine theory believes in the connectivity of all living things in the universe as one. The theory says the achievement of good health relies on your spirit, mind and body falling into harmony with all that surrounds you (your universe).  As with most holistic medicines many are unproven but those who follow the path have more amazing health benefits than those that traditional medicines alone have not been able to achieve.

Ayurvedic massage utilizes oils that are infused with herbs to enhance the health benefits you can experience. Key benefits of this massage technique is your nervous system strengthening, nourishment of your body tissues, which aid in cell repair and healing. This also encourages sleep normalization and loss of fatigue.  Although Ayurvedic massage is known for increased mental acuity and reducing the aging process, there are many other benefits you may enjoy from Ayurvedic massage. What person in Portland Oregon would not enjoy the benefit of lowering stress, circulation improvement, and body awareness?

The herb-infused oil that is used for the Ayurvedic massage uses at least 75 different herbs in potent oils that aid in purification and skin regeneration. The oil’s therapeutic value is that it can permeate the shin in as little as five minutes.

The combination of massage and these potent oils aid in rejuvenation of your skin and help to slow the appearance of aging. Our bodies and minds all feel the effects of unhealthy eating, sedentary lifestyles, and stress that lead to anxiety in our daily lives.

Ayurvedic massages definitely aid in the relaxation of your muscles, but also stimulates your pores releasing dead skin and encouraging better circulation.  That action alone creates a glow in your skin that you will notice.

Ayurvedic massage therapy and the mental acuity advantage is why people are choosing to make this lifestyle change for good. Mental focus and stress reduction that you will enjoy from Ayurvedic massages will surprise you in your daily life. Decision making and deadlines are just a part of our lives today, but being able to deal with these with a clear and calm attitude will help form the new you.

Ayurvedic massage therapists encourage clients to be in a good space before beginning the massage. The massage itself is very delicate and to be effective, they want you to feel safe while they are working on you.

Sneha is the term the Ayurvedic massage therapist uses for the infused oil. Its meaning is synonymous with tenderness, kindness and love. During your Portland massage all these feelings and more may pass through your mind and heart, since it is a massage that is very healing, relaxing and can change your life.

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