Party in Portland Oregon: Spa Day Tips

26September 2020

Live in Portland Oregon and want to host a day spa party? How exciting that can be.  With the right planning you will have a successful event to be remembered. To get you on the right track, here are some tips to get you started.

The guest list is the first step for you to plan your spa day. The size of your guest list may factor in where you can actually book your event. After deciding on your guest list you next task is to investigate prospective Portland day spas to confirm they can accommodate you and your guests comfortably. Depending on the size of the space they may have a limit on guests.

Invitations should only be sent when you are sure on a location. Setting up appointments before you actually send invitations is the best way to go. If you send out party invitations before you have the spa and appointments booked you can run into conflicts with the spa’s reservations. On the flip side if you send out invitations and you have to change time, date, or place, you increase the chance of no show guests.

What kind of invitations to use? There are different options such as you can always purchase blank invitations but with software available today, homemade invitations with a free online template is so affordable and customizable too. You can email invitations, but personal invitations to your guest’s home are the better way to go.

Where to go can be a daunting question, but by doing your research on local or destination spa days you can narrow down your list. Researching online the spa treatments available and pricing will also help with your decision. Calling and scheduling an appointment to discuss your plans with the spa manager will be helpful. They do this all the time and will probably have answers to questions you didn’t even think of.

Day spa/salons sometimes offer more service selections. Your guest will enjoy a larger variety of services and that will make your spa party more successful.

Usually the host is responsible for the cost of the spa party, although there can be variations to that rule that are acceptable. Choosing a spa package customarily includes a discount depending on the number of guests. Picking a spa package deal should include the basics, for instance hair, nails, pedicures, facials and massages. So if one of your guests would like something not on the list they would be financially responsible for that. Professional makeup is an exciting add-on for many spas; the guests seem to be receptive to that. On your invitations be very specific on what is included and other services if they want to add on would be their responsibility.

Another way of doing it could be that you use a set dollar amount for each guest and they could choose what services they wanted to include in a personalized package that they can choose. For instance, in your invitation you could say each person has $100, for spa treatments, and include a brochure so they can choose the treatments they want. Although they do have to make their own arrangements and call in the services to the day so the spa will have enough staff on to accommodate everyone.

Usually the day spa in Portland Oregon will require non-refundable deposit for the day. Avoid spas that may want the complete bill upfront. Remember they probably are closing for the day for your party, so it is expected that you put down a deposit. Life is life, so that being said there will always be an emergency or conflict of interest for someone. You may have a cancellation or two, so it is important to read your contract and not pay for everything up front. In the event you do have a cancellation make sure there is a cancellation buffer in your contract, even if it is only for one or two people.



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