How to Choose Your Best Day Spa in Portland Oregon

8September 2020

Have you ever considered pampering yourself by making a visit to a day spa?  If you haven’t ever tried it, you may wonder how to find the best day spa in Portland Oregon. Fortunately, you have many options available.

One of the best ways to find your perfect day spas is, of course, to look for it on the internet. A basic internet search on Google for “spa Portland Oregon” can help you find a business in your locale. You can pull up the website for the business, and possibly see the cost along with a wealth of information.

Finding  a Day Spa Using a Business Directory

Using an online business directory specifically designed to list day spas and bodywork services is a good way to zero in on your wants and needs. In addition to basic information such as the spa’s name, address and phone number, you will likely be able to see photos, get more detailed information about the services offered, and possibly reports from previous customers.

Another simple approach you can take is do a little detective work and ask people you know for their recommendations. Consider which relatives, friends, neighbors, or  coworkers may have visited a day spa during the last year. You can ask them about their personal experience and make sure to get the name of the spa. Inquire about the services they received and how they felt afterwards.

As Portland Oregon is a populous city of over 650,000 people, you should be able to find many spas to pick from. A little preparation can pay dividends in giving you a wonderful experience. You want that professionally staffed and fun-filled day spa that you’ll leave looking and feeling like a queen.

Check Out the Day Spa

When looking at your options, make sure you look at the spa’s overall ambiance and setting. If the day spa you’re checking out has a website, there should be pictures posted. Does the spa look like a place where you could just relax and wind down from the day or the last week’s stresses?  It’s also a smart idea to examine its reputation in the community. Check for a record of good customer service for your peace of mind.

In addition, when finalizing your choice, consider the procedures used as well as the costs. They can vary significantly between spas. You may get a single procedure or an entire spa package. A typical package could include a full body massage, followed by a body wrap, and finishing with a facial. If you are on a tighter budget, check session lengths. For example, you would pay less for a 30 minute massage than for an entire hour long massage.

If you happen to be in the Portland Oregon neighborhood where you’re most likely to go to a day spa, feel free to walk in and just check them out with a quick visit. You should be able to get a list of services offered along with their costs. This experience you’re preparing for will give you precious hours of pampering, so it’s essential to choose a professional Portland day spa, one with a relaxing setting that you’ll leave feeling great.


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