Hot Stone Massage Portland Oregon

12September 2020

All people in Portland Oregon can benefit from massage, as they deal with stress on a daily basis. Work and relationships are considered the top reasons people cite as their main stressors they deal with. Health issues and complications caused by muscle tension and the stress we deal with are very treatable. Making a serious effort to decrease these stressors by utilizing massage therapy as a tool to relax your muscles, mind and your body can be effective.

Hot Stones

Portland massage with hot stone therapy not only is relaxing and sends deep heat to stiff muscles and joints, but it also is an excellent way to increase your metabolism as well as your circulation. The stones are warmed and placed on your back, chest, stomach, face, palms and also on different areas of your face depending on what areas you are experiencing difficulty with. Hot stones used for massage are unique; the stones are called basalt and retain heat for long periods of time.

Native Americans are known for using hot stones for healing rituals. The smooth stones may have been heated over coals of their fires but nowadays we can use a roaster that can regulate water for heating at a steady temperature and a thermometer for making sure you do not heat the stones too hot.


This therapy with hot stones is not for everyone. People that are on blood thinners, diabetes, high blood pressure, or have heart disease are cautioned not to indulge in this type of therapy, as well as women that may be pregnant. Consult with your doctor if you have any issues that compromise your heath before deciding massage with hot stones is for you.

Before placing the stones your masseuse will probably start with a general massage to warm and stimulate your muscles. Applying oils to your skin, they will then start to place stones in strategic places on your body for timed periods. The overall therapy usually lasts about 60 to 90 minutes.

As with other massage techniques there are overall health benefits to experiencing this procedure.

Muscle Relaxation

Hot stones are a form of deep tissue massage. The deep heat enables the massage therapist to work out any muscular issues you are experiencing because of the relaxed state of your muscles.

Pain Relief

Traditional massages are a great way to relieve pain. Massage with hot stones enables the masseuse to manipulate and aid misalignment because of the deep heat relaxing the muscles to a stronger degree.

Improved Sleep

Insomnia can be treated with massages because of the deep relaxation state it puts you in is not too surprising a fact. Regular massages can aid with sleepless nights because of the physical and mental anxiety that is released during the session.

Mental Benefits

Stress and anxiety can build up in you without realizing just how much tension you may be carrying around inside you. Achieving peace and mental clarity may see like an unreachable goal to many. A skilled massage therapist can help you reach your goals by helping you with your tension and physical stress you may be experiencing. Massage with hot stones may also help fight depression or anxiety disorders.

Improved Circulation

Heat applied through the hot stones opens your blood vessels and aid in your general circulation. Better circulation means better healing of any injuries because of the oxygen being increased through your muscles. So if you are injured or just sore because of working out, a massage will help your muscles heal a little quicker.

Stress Relief and General Relaxation

Hot stone Portland massage is one of the best ways to rid your body of stress, tension and the side effects from it. Hot stones used for massage can be the ticket for you to a life of healing, calm, and a counterattack to the negativity that may be in your life.

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