Foot Reflexology Portland is Much More than a Foot Massage

18September 2020

Reflexology is a certain type of foot massage. Portland foot Reflexologists are trained to utilize pressure points on specific areas on your feet to achieve a healing process in your body that comes from your feet. The chart used to identify the areas in your body that are affected when pressure is applied is called a Reflexology Chart for the foot.

The Reflexologist treats ailments you may be experiencing through application of pressure, kneading, stretching and bending areas of your toes and feet based on the Reflexology chart. The chart, what is it and what does all this mean? If you bring up a Reflexology Chart for the foot on your phone or computer, you can see your foot is sectioned off with color-coded regions that coincide with your organs and system. By applying pressure or kneading the different areas your Reflexologist can affect change in the corresponding coded areas.

Foot Reflexology is a study in Chinese Acupressure Techniques that believe the feet can open pathways to healing when pressure is applied to very specific points of the foot.

Benefits include treating sinus, headache and stomach/digestive, circulation, back pain and more. As with any ancient Holistic Study of Healing, training and certification is very important to achieve any positive results. This study believes that improving or alleviating certain conditions can be accomplished with regular sessions. By applying pressure repeated to the nerve endings your “channel of energy” in your body will become unblocked achieving a physical health, balance and overall wellness.

Portland foot Reflexology spa sessions create a state of relaxation for you. Repeated sessions help to cleanse your body of toxins as well as increased overall blood circulation which is known to be a healing process. By assisting your body to promote a release of toxins also aids in bladder and kidney function. In general, increasing your circulation promotes increased oxygen throughout the body. This process promotes healing of cells that may be damaged due to environmental or physical conditions.

Treatments usually last about 30 minutes but can last longer depending on issues you are addressing. The costs of a Reflexology session can vary, but it generally is 40-90 dollars for an hour session and 30-50 dollars for a half-hour session.  It is up to your Reflexologist if they prefer you seated or lying down.  After your initial treatment your feet may be tender so expect that to happen. As with any massage, the release of lactic acid and toxins may make you tired and dehydrated, it is helpful to drink lots of water after your treatment.

Reflexology massage also is a treatment used on the hands and ears. There are charts for each of those as well. The hand chart because of all the little nerves and bones is a really interesting detailed chart. The ear chart has fourteen pressure points on it that focus on everything from your brain to your buttocks.

As you can see, when dealing with a Reflexologist, the necessity of working with someone that has all the experience and credentials is really important. Always consult your physician before utilizing any Reflexologist services. Make up your mind to see if foot reflexology will help you feel better physically and mentally. Finding a Foot Reflexology Portland Spa can be really easy; it is only a click away.

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