Brides-To-Be: How a Portland Oregon Day Spa Can Get You Ready for Your Big Day

2December 2020

Are you the bride-to-be with your wedding just around the corner? Congratulations in this exciting time of your life! Details, details, there are so many details and plans you need to check off your list. One of them that will help your day is finding out what your local Portland Oregon day spa can do for you. They can guide you and your entire bridal party through the beginning of your biggest day.

Most day spas and many salons host private sessions especially for bridal showers, bachelorette parties or morning of the wedding day. They usually have private rooms that you and your family/friends can enjoy, sit back and be pampered in. For your upcoming wedding you can choose from a variety of spa packages with complimentary drinks and snacks or you can bring that favorite bottle of wine or champagne. Why not turn your control over to professionals that can give you a massage, nail treatments, hair and professional make-up to get your day off on the right foot?

You can schedule a preliminary appointment for a hair consultation. Especially if you are wearing a veil that you want incorporated into your hair or if you are just looking to upscale your hairstyle for your important day. At you consultation your stylist can explain to you all the different services available and help you decide what is right for your spa day. During wedding seasons you may want to make sure you book your bridal day spa appointments with plenty advance notice.

Professional make-up is one of the most sought after services for bridal parties. Many women and girls know the basics of makeup application but why not treat your bridal party to sit back and let a professional makeup artist take care of the details. Always get recommendations for makeup removal for the end of the night.

Other spa services include body or face wraps. There are herbal wraps, mud wraps and if you are getting one of these, including aroma therapy to assist in the stress level can be a bonus. One of the benefits of a body wrap if you choose the herbal treatment of towels and essential oils it helps reduce excess fluid in your body. You can do that the day of your wedding or attend a session a couple of days before your wedding on your own.  Body wraps are very relaxing and who does not want to feel relaxed going into your wedding day?

Many bridal wedding packages include massages. This may be a perfect service for you, your bridesmaids, and if you mother or mother –in-law will be at your bridal spa day. A massage can help reduce the normal stressors, fears and anxiety you may be experiencing. You can just let the tension melt away in the hands of a professional massage therapist. They can offer a traditional massage or the use of hot stones and aromatherapy; there also may be different types of massages offered. If you do not want the full on massage, most salons offer chair massages that treat mostly the head, neck, shoulders and back.

One of the basics that is usually include in bridal spa packages in the mani-pedi. The manicure is usually done by treating your hands with lotions, soaking them in oils or all of the above and then putting your hand into heated mittens to soften you skin and cuticles. After the treatment your nails and cuticles will be trimmed and buffed. If you want most salons offer many different kinds of polish with styles, bedazzling or just a French manicure for something a little more classic. Pedicures are performed beginning with the soaking of the feet, using soap, oils or essential salts. Then your feet are treated to remove any callouses or dry cracked skin. The last step is to trim and buff your nails. Many bridal parties want their toenails to be painted too!

As a bride to be, the benefits to having a spa day before your wedding are many. Check out your local Portland Oregon day spa and see what bridal day spa packages they can offer you. You may want to book a spa day after the honeymoon for you and your new mate!

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