portland oregon day spa bride

2December 2020

Brides-To-Be: How a Portland Oregon Day Spa Can Get You Ready for Your Big Day

Are you the bride-to-be with your wedding just around the corner? Congratulations in this exciting...

portland oregon shiatsu massage

20November 2020

Your Guide To Portland Oregon Shiatsu Massage

Like many people in Portland Oregon, I believed that Shiatsu Massage was simply another massage...

sports massage portland oregon

11November 2020

Sports Massage Portland Oregon – Athletic Massage Benefits

Interested in sports massage Portland Oregon? Professional athletes along with their coaches swear that massages...

rolfing portland

27October 2020

Rolfing Portland Offers Relief from Chronic Pain

With regard to Rolfing Portland, you may wonder – what is Rolfing and how can...

immunity massage

24October 2020

Immunity Massage Boosting in Portland Oregon

At the first onset of a sluggishness or a tired feeling, we tend to forget...

swedish massage in portland oregon

20October 2020

Swedish Massage in Portland Oregon: Benefits and Uses

Considering Swedish massage in Portland Oregon? Studies have been published in holistic journals investigating the...

Portland massage

18October 2020

Portland Massage: Gaining Recognition in Oregon as an Alternative Medical Treatment

Ready to schedule your Portland massage? According to AMTA (the American Massage Therapy Association), massage...

best facial portland oregon

9October 2020

Best Facial Portland Oregon

There are reasons for getting a facial that go beyond the perception of just pampering...

Portland day spa

26September 2020

Party in Portland Oregon: Spa Day Tips

Live in Portland Oregon and want to host a day spa party? How exciting that...

prenatal massage portland

25September 2020

Prenatal Massage Portland

Wonder about prenatal massage in Portland? Massage during and after your pregnancy can help with...

thai massage

21September 2020

Thai Massage Portland: Your Best Options

Portland Thai massage is much different than what you might think a massage should be...

foot reflexology portland

18September 2020

Foot Reflexology Portland is Much More than a Foot Massage

Reflexology is a certain type of foot massage. Portland foot Reflexologists are trained to utilize...

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