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9October 2020

There are reasons for getting a facial that go beyond the perception of just pampering yourself. Your local salon may have a certified facial expert (esthetician) on staff, but most spas do have an Esthetics specialist working there. It is important to use a professional that has gone through training if you want to find the best facial in Portland Oregon.

Cosmetology schools offer this training as well as specialized Esthetics programs to train individuals how preform facials and the individualized treatments that are available in addition to the basic facials. There are also Medical Esthetics programs which are similar to a spa Esthetician but they usually work in a medical environment and their focus is on the clinical aspects of facials.

Facials are the second requested treatment at spas following only the number one request, which is a massage. What can be the reasons for so many people wanting or needing a facial?

  • General feel good facial massage and skin treatment
  • Managing Acne (as well as scars)
  • Sinus and headache relief
  • Skin Revitalization (anti-aging)
  • Skin Revitalization (general skin care)
  • Skin tone treatments
  • Pore treatments

The importance of utilizing a licensed trained Esthetician or Aesthetician (both titles are used interchangeably) is because during their training they learn how to use light ray tools, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and a variety of facial wraps, steam treatments, waxing, astringents, specialty creams and oils. Each technique is used to achieve a different outcome for your skin.

A typical facial massage is begins with a general cleaning then a gentle massage beginning at your forehead then working with your eye area and down to the chin, neck and completing the massage by outlining your face. This treatment usually includes a specialty cream, lotion or oil, depending on your skin type and needs. It is usually completed with a warm towel facial wrap treatment. Add-on specialty treatments can be requested.

Acne and scars can be treated with a deep pore cleansing, astringents, as well as light or microdermabrasion treatments. There is much success happening since microdermabrasion has been added to treatments available for skin acne treatment. It is a painless process where the top layer of skin is removed and pores are cleaned. This allows for healing of existing issues and skin treatment helps with limited reoccurrence. This process can be done at a spa or a medical office.

Sinus and headaches can benefit from facial massage therapy. Different acupressure points trigger relief as well as facial wraps, heat, steam and light treatments. Aromatherapy facial heat wraps not only feel good but aid in the relief of these ailments.

Skin revitalization for general skin care or anti-aging care has a variety of lotions, creams and astringents that are utilized during the facial massage. Each different product is chosen just for your particular skin type and treatment. There is also variety of wraps and masks are available to choose from. That is why the importance of making sure your Aesthetician is professionally trained to ensure the best outcome for you.

Skin tones and pores are treated with the facial massage. Skin tone (blotches, scars, freckles) can be treated with light treatments, chemical exfoliation and peels with much success. People that may have large skin pores have similar treatments in the sense that light treatment and chemical exfoliation can be combined with a variety of masks and facial peels to cleanse and stimulate healthy skin regeneration. Different kinds of lotions, oils or astringents are used for these two different conditions, but there is similarity of initial treatment.

There are home facials you can perform with a little research and maybe a YouTube video that can make you feel good about your facial skin. If you choose to seek out a professional for the best facial in Portland Oregon your face will surely reap the benefits of the nurturing.






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