Asian Massage in Portland Oregon

14September 2020

You may wonder about Asian massage in Portland Oregon. This type of massage is centered and focused on principals of body energy flow and medicinal outcomes.  Since there are over 48 countries that make up Asia, there are many different techniques but all are touch-based therapeutic massage meant to aid in rejuvenation of the body and spirit.

Your body’s energy-flow called chi, is what the majority of Asian massage’s goals are to create a balance of your chakras (inner elements) so that your body can reset and center your spirit. As opposed to Western Massage, it is focused primarily on relaxation. Asian massages also are mostly done with your clothes on and Western massage uses bare touch techniques.

Acupressure Massage

This Chinese technique is over 5,000 years old. This medicinal touch massage is focused on points on your body that pressure is applied to so that the release of tension is achieved. Similar to acupuncture, this technique employs only touch in a similar way, but no use of needles.

Anna or Anma Massage

A Japanese technique was introduced in the sixth century and fine-tuned again in the seventeenth century. Amma combines acupressure and deep tissue massage together, the medicinal goal in curing your body’s imbalance and then rejuvenating or refreshing it afterward It became widely used in the twentieth century.

Ayurveda Massage

India is where this technique originates from. Similar to Chinese medicinal healing force to your chakras, marmas are countless energy points in your body that are treated by Ayurveda Massage. Healing oils are utilized to help open energy channels stimulating your senses and promoting your healing process.

Chi Nei Tsang

A detoxifying Chinese massage used to aid with emotional conditions resulting from a disease. It treats the organs with gentle deep massage, to promote stimulation of healing. This type of Asian massage you may find in Portland Oregon offers not only spiritual and emotional relief but physical relief as well.

Jin Shin Jyutsu

A Japanese healing massage focused on 26 points on your body, considered to be your body’s pathway of energy. It is similar to acupuncture in that it identifies points on your body, but that is where the similarities end. The points or SELs, energy paths are gently massaged to increase the flow of good energy and healing.

Shiatsu Massage

A Japanese type of massage dating back to the 1900s integrates three different techniques to encourage relaxation of the body and mind. Some of the techniques used are stretching, tapping, kneading, and pressing to encourage relaxation. This style is traditionally done fully clothed and uses no oils.

Thai Massage

This is an interesting massage that employs a full body massage combining Ayurvedic, Acupressure, and traditional Yoga Poses as well. No oils are used and you would be fully clothed. The Thai Massage follows body lines as the therapist stretches twists and turns your body in different positions with the therapist on a mat as opposed to a table.  This is full contact massage, which is considered the divine gift of Buddha in the form of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Asian Massage in Portland Oregon

As you learn more about the different types of Asian massages that there are, ask your massage therapists advice on the best massage type for your overall health and spiritual benefit. If you are still not sure, try a few of the different types and see how they make you feel. Your Asian massage in Portland Oregon may relieve your everyday physical and mental stress, tension and perhaps place you on a path of spiritual journey.




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